Low beer flow🍺

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Low beer flow🍺

Low beer flow can be due to several causes:

🔦 Oops, it looks like the keg is almost empty🤫

The keg icon on the front of the appliance turns red when less than 0.75 L (0.2 gal.) of beer is left. When the keg is almost empty, the dispense speed slows and eventually stops.

To fix that, please replace the empty keg with a full one✌

🔦 The tap handle isn’t fully opened during dispensing.

To fix that,  please make sure to fully open the tap handle when pouring.

🔦 There's an obstruction in the air channel of the keg closure.

If there is an obstruction, it can be removed by clearing the air channel with a toothpick or something similar. After that, reconnect and try dispensing again.

🔦 The beer tube is deformed.

 The beer tube may have temporarily deformed after a long period of no usage. This problem disappears after a few pours, rest assured😉

Just make sure to verify the beer tube hasn’t buckled (It should extend slightly from the spout).

You can also replace the beer tube if necessary. 

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