My machine is noisy😫

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My machine is noisy😫

🔦 This issue could be caused by the active air pump.

Don't panic, the air pump keeps the beer at constant pressure, and will be audible during and after dispensing.

It should switch off automatically😉

🔦 This issue could also be caused by running fans.

Rest assured, the fans help the cooling element at the back.

Fan speed automatically changes according to the ambient temperature and cooling mode, so the noise level will vary.

Please make sure to check that the door is closed properly, or fans will keep running.

🔦 The air pump keeps turning on without dispensing.

Oh no! The air is leaking and the air pump keeps compensating😧

Don't panic, this is an easy fix😉

The air pump might activate very occasionally to keep the keg at the right pressure. If this happens in short intervals (seconds to a few minutes), verify the tap unit is connected correctly.

Please make sure to check that there is no dirt or debris between the keg and the seal of the tap unit.

If the problem persists, please contact our customer service at 

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