PerfectDraft Keg Returns♻️

​How do you print a PerfecDraft keg return label?

👉 Log in from our banner to the "keg return" section. 👉 Select " express return " available for all "bronze" "silver" and "gold" customers 👉 Indicate the number of kegs you wish to return in your box…


Can we return Perfectdraft kegs purchased anywhere other than Saveur Bière ♻️?

You've purchased PerfectDraft 6L kegs from a wine shop or supermarket? Rest assured, it's all good😉. ♻️ We take them back and refund your online wallet €5 per deposit💰. 👉 Create an account at https:/…

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How to proceed with PerfectDraft keg returns♻️?

👉Log into your account under the heading "Keg Returns" to download and print your return label. 👉 Please make sure to indicate the number of kegs that will be returned. 👉Place your empty kegs in a bo…